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Brett Smith

Adventure Travel
I knew I wanted from life: The Next Big Thrill.

Shortly after finishing school, I conveniently found myself working at a scuba-dive centre in Johannesburg. The “work hard-play hard” environment appealed to me and set the foundation for what I knew I wanted from life: The Next Big Thrill.

I worked my way up to being a PADI Dive Master and, having already qualified as a skipper at 16, I decided that Mozambique could offer me more than the city life. White sandy beaches, azure waters, and world-class diving… it was a dream come true. However after some time, the easygoing beach life was just not cutting it for me. I needed more adventure and occasionally jumping in the water with a Great White shark was simply not enough.

Deciding to dry off for a bit, I headed into the bush to work as an overland guide. I found myself exploring southern and eastern Africa like never before… And adventure certainly tends to find you when you have a large safari truck filled with foreign tourists that you alone are responsible for. Getting stuck in the most remote parts of Africa while surrounded by lion and hyena, and with little to no communication, certainly taught me how to get resourceful.

I also got to test out all the activities before my clients did (you know, to make sure they are safe!) so white-water rafting on the Zambezi River, flying a microlight over the Victoria Falls, sky-diving, quad-biking, sand-boarding on some of the largest dunes in Namibia, guiding a makoro through the Okavango Delta, and finding the best swimming spots in crocodile and hippo infested waters were all part of the job, as was setting up camp underneath a canopy of stars, enjoying sundowners overlooking the Serengeti, finding the most incredible wildlife sightings, and knowing everything about every animal and every tree we happened across.

In 2013, I decided to embark on the next adventure and moved to Germany. Weekend skiing, the Autobahn, and the ease of travelling around Europe, kept me there for a short while, but the ache of missing Africa became too much and I came home.

I am now currently working on a new wildlife conservancy project in the Cradle of Humankind, South Africa. In addition to this, I am also completing my Powered Paragliding pilot course in the hopes of being able to use it to further wildlife conservation efforts, as well as undergoing training for the South African Police reservists.

Showing people exactly why I love Africa, and helping to preserve this magnificent piece of earth, continues to be the very essence of my life.
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