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“Oh the places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

Go Somewhere Unexpected …
Swap big cities for small towns …
Get me there, no matter what!!!


International and Regional Airlines

Flying is the best way to cover large distances in a short time and with access to most international airlines; Hartley’s Air will fly you direct to your destination in your country of choice.

Charter flights

Many countries with hard to reach experiences rely on smaller privately owned aircrafts accessing their popular and remote regions.  Hartley’s Air will ensure that you reach your destination by private charter plane or helicopter, hot air balloon, microlight, sea plane or hovercraft!


Cruise Ships

Would you like to see the world by spending time at sea, enveloped in splendour and luxury whilst ticking off countries on your bucket list?  If so, let Hartley’s air book you on an extreme voyage a 180-day, 94-port offering one of the world’s longest cruises!  Once again cruise ships are changing the face of travel!

Freighter cruises

For a cheaper and less crowded experience, Hartley’s Air will book you an ocean crossing on a freighter liner.
These cargo ships carrying anything from cars to food are more than happy to accept a handful of passengers wishing to cross the ocean.  The experience allows one cruise the seas side by side with crew on a legitimate working ship!

Yacht charter and Liveaboard

Yacht Chartering is and exceptional way to enjoy a holiday with good friends and like-minded people.  Hartley’s Air will charter your ocean going yacht to cruise the friendly shores of the Aegen and Mediterranean coastlines or enjoy the vast seas of the Caribbean, Malaysian or Australian coastlines.



The train is one of the most commonly used means of transport in Europe and the Americas.  They are unique as once can travel vast tracts of land, but they are cheaper than airplanes and take less time than ships. Travellers that enjoy nostalgia and envisage travelling like the days gone by, allow Hartley’s Air will to book your rail journey through mountains and forests, where you enjoy the comforts of a fully serviced dining car and sleeper cabins, services and  amenities not available to air and motor travellers.


Car Hire

If you are visiting a country that has a vast network of well-maintained roads, this is often the best way to see a region. Hartley’s Air has agreements in place with many of the world’s top car rental companies either at major airports, hotels and in city centres, so hiring a car, 4 wheel drives or caravan is extremely easy.


No other form of transport can beat the feeling of riding a motorbike.  The motorcycle affords anonymity, long distance travel and cost effective transport for the serious adventurer.  Hartley’s Air will book your motorbike of choice from a Ducati Multistrada off road bike to a Harley Davidson road master.

Coach Travel

A less popular option over long distances, the bus is still a good way to explore the country. Travel time on a coach is significant, but this means of transport is cost effective for many and the only form of transport in some of the third world countries, offering access to far off villages and towns that rail no longer visit.  Hartley’s Air will book your first class bus fare for the journey to a long forgotten rural region.


Does self-powered travel grab you?? If so, Hartley’s air will help you plan and book your cycle tour around the world.  Cycling is a growing activity and the thrill of cycling between continents and countries leaves the intrepid travel with a complete sense of accomplishment.  Be it a cycle trip through the bushveld of Mashatu in Botswana or the scenic routes of the Cape to an adventure through Northern America or the Spice routes of Asia – Hartley’s Air will assist in creating this dream come true.

Animal Powered Transport:

Many forms of animal powered transport are still in use around the world, either due to being cheap like in the developing countries or as a novelty in the developed countries.


What better way to explore the romantic undulating dunes than by camel? A combination of trekking on foot and riding your camel through a landscape dotted with argon trees and grazing goats eventually lead you to your remote destination in the desert. 


A donkey can cover a lot of ground and travel a long distance at a trot, be it a donkey to trek Nepal or a donkey cart in South Africa, Hartley’s Air will ensure you animal powered experience to a hidden region is a memorable one!

Reindeer sledding

Reindeer sleigh rides are an eco-friendly way of cosying up to this fabled animal plus it’s the traditional and peaceful way of getting around as the ancient Sami people travelled.  What a beautiful way to see the Northern lights.

Dog Sledding

Dogsledding has been a travel method for more than a millennium, and mushing along the vast and icy landscapes of the snow-capped regions are a uniquely wild experience.  
A Greenland experience is incomplete without dog sledding through the magnificent snowy landscapes with these beautiful dogs that just love running through this silent part of the world.

Outer space

Does the thought of travelling outside of the earth’s atmosphere and joining a prestige group of only 559 humans who’ve accomplished this feat entice you – hop on board and let Hartley’s Air!
"2018 is going to be a big year for carrying people to the space station and hopefully beyond,” Elon Musk


Desert Island or Bucket List destination Drop-Off …. By surprise

Do you love to travel but shy away at the idea of planning and booking a trip? Does the idea of a surprise holiday leave you excited and enthralled at the prospect of arriving at an unknown and unplanned destination?  Then Hartley’s air will organise a first for you – a holiday of your dreams including unexpected experiences and first hand interactions that will fulfil your wildest dreams ….. this is all pre-planned, booked and executed down to the last detail, without your input.

After extensive research into your budget, availability to travel, preferred modes of travel, past travel experiences and preferred places of travel, a comprehensive fully inclusive itinerary is concluded.  This will be hand delivered to you on the day you commence travel and the surprise location and details are revealed ….

Let the fun begin! 

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