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Kay Trethowan

Travel and Writing
Travelling is an ongoing part of my life.

When I’m not doing it, I’m inevitably thinking about it, reading about it and planning the next trip somewhere!

To holiday in a stylish resort, relax, eat, drink and indulge the body is a delightful, rest on the sidelines of life.

To travel into our fabulous world - perhaps through crowded chattering India, remote wild Africa, or along one of a hundred roads in between - is to take a journey into oneself.

Of all the countries and places I’ve lived and travelled in over the years, India has been a constant and passionate conundrum which I now enjoy sharing with guests during small group private tours.

But it’s at the magical hour of sunset on the vast plains of Africa, where herds of elephants, springbok and zebra roam and leopards, cheetahs and lions hunt as flocks of birds ribbon the sky, that my soul hears the whispers of our earliest forbearers in the wind and longs to take flight.

Kay is currently based in Perth, Western Australian and is an exclusive small group tour creator and escort specializing in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Myanmar. She is a published freelance travel writer and writer.

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