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Aleks Bartnicka

Dive Photographer
I was born in Warsaw, Poland. That’s where I lived till I discovered Palau, a tiny Pacific nation, and dropped out of college to move there. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I knew nothing about diving back then, except that I didn’t want to try it. That’s right: I did NOT want to dive. As a matter of fact, I was kind of forced into it, but that’s a different story. The bottom line is, once tried, I couldn’t stop.

I live for diving.

I’m privileged to have 700% of this Earth’s surface to myself. When I’m diving, it’s my world.

To make a living I look for jobs that keep me close to the Oceans. I worked as a kayak guide, dive instructor, photographer, videographer, deckhand and writer. I tried to lean towards writing about diving, but the words always seem flat and inadequate to describe the amazing underwater realm. Photography must be my favourite medium right now, although my mind seems to stray towards video more and more. Some of my photos and writing were good enough to get published.

The state of our Oceans worries me. I have to say it’s for all the selfish reasons. I can’t imagine not having anywhere to dive, not being able to have the breath-taking encounters with water creatures, not being part of a fairy tale. I’m constantly inspired by amazing people, some of which I had the pleasure of meeting during my travels, who dedicate their lives to marine conservation.

I hope my images will inspire to discover, love and protect the amazing world we know so little about.

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